Fakro Premium Timber 2.46-3.05M KASW83

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The Premium Timber Attic Ladder is a superior quality folding 3-section attic ladder. It is equipped with an aesthetically finished insulated hatch in white and accessories enabling comfortable loft ladder usage. Steps protrude from the stringers facilitating climbing the ladder.


Special Inclusions
  • The red-painted metal handrail is mounted on the ladder’s angle brackets. This makes climbing the ladder easier. The brown stile ends, mounted on the ladder feet protect the floor from scratching and increase the ladder’s stability.
  • European Made.
  • Includes pole

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  • Lockable door
  • Stile ends
  • Pine wood
  • White hatch
  • Hatch thickness 3.6cm
  • Insulation thickness 3cm
  • Peripheral seal
  • Top right handrail
  • Treads protruding from strings
  • Fully assembled and ready for quick installation, DIY

Additional information



Nominal Frame Size: 580x1284mm
Ceiling Height Range: 2460-3050mm
Landing Space: 1350mm
Projection: 1750mm
Step: 80D x 340W x 20H mm
Load Capacity: 160kg


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