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Got a problem with not enough fresh air in your home, but don’t want to leave windows open?

Want to let fresh air in and keep cold/hot air out?

illume technologies has the perfect answer!

Illume technologies ERV brings you the fresh air every house hold needs




The ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) core ceramic heat exchanger, brings fresh air into your home and removes stale air at the same time.

Plus it brings the clean air in at ambient room temperature.

This stunning new design will introduce new air into those stale non breathing rooms.

Ideal for children’s rooms, where security is vital. You can relax without the worry of unwanted intruders entering open windows. Gone are the days of mildew, stale air and condensation.

With illume technologies, the air in your home will always be fresh, even in your absence.

Perfect Partners Air Conditioners and ERVs

Air conditioners regulate you indoor temperature, but have no ventilation function. This means they only circulates the indoor air, after which it is stale and dirty.

illume technologies ERV brings in clean fresh air from outside, ventilating your home.

They also maintain the indoor temperature as programmed by your air conditioner, which makes them the perfect partnership.







  • Efficient supply and exhaust single room ventilation
  • High-tech ceramic energy accumulator with regenerating efficiency up to 90%
  • Reversible EC ventilator with low energy demand 10W and safe voltage 12V
  • Integrated automation
  • Silent operation (20-33 dB)
  • Easy mounting and servicing
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • No condensation generation during operation


Brand:                           illume Technologies
Type:                              Energy recovery ventilator
Voltage:                        110V-240V
Power:                           10W
Airflow:                         60m3/h
Area of Use:                 10-20m3
Noise:                            18~33dB
Panel Size:                    242 x 242 x 55mm
Heat Exchanger:         Ceramic core
Heat Recovery Rate:   Up to 90%
Material:                       ABS
Colour:                          White
Control Method:         Rf remote control
Use:                               Heat recovery, fresh air handling unit
Function:                      External circulation, internal circulation, exhaust, intake


Minimum 20cm – Maximum 40cm



Kimberley Energy Recovery Ventilator