Cabinet Storage Solutions by Kimberley

There is nothing more satisfying than having an organised kitchen or laundry space, with plenty of storage so that everything has a place. Kimberley’s range of cabinet hardware offers a solution for storage in those hard-to-reach spots or items that are difficult to neatly store.

Our range of laundry hampers and cutlery trays are an ideal solution for your drawers and cupboards. There are so many wonderful benefits of cabinet hardware and we range a large variety of sizes and style options for each of our storage solutions.



Clever Storage Solution

Our cabinet hardware options are the ideal storage solution for those areas that are hard to access, such as corners of deep cupboards and high stacked shelves. They’re also incredibly practical for those who love to be organised!


Adaptable to your Space

Many of our storage solutions are adaptable and adjustable. Our cutlery trays are designed so that you can modify them to perfectly fit in your space.


High Quality Finish

Made from strong durable materials, Kimberley storage solutions are built to last.


Easy to Install

All of our cabinet hardware is designed with you in mind, to ensure an easy assembly and installation once you purchase your Kimberley product.