Fakro Skylight Flashing 1174x1153mm KFSEHA4846

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Flashings are essential for the tight connection of roof windows with roofing materials. Precisely designed flashing details ensure a durable and neat fit with the roofing material used. The purpose of flashing is to ensure good drainage away from the window and to provide protection from the elements. Flashings can be used with all types of the centre-pivot windows, with raised axis of rotation, as well as the top-hung windows.

The flashing consists of four basic elements. The lower part of the flashing has a plastic mass attached underneath that allows it to be stuck to the roofing material, to provide a tight fit.

Flashings are also fitted with a weep flap in order to channel condensation away from the initial sheeting out of the window and insulating side sponge seals providing protection against wind blown dust, leaves and snow.


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  • All flashings are manufactured using aluminium as standard.
  • Permanently protected with polyester varnish.
  • The standard colour is brown, to match well with most roofing finishes.

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The flashing is made up of four basic elements. The bottom part has a plastic mat glued on the underside. This allows the flashing to adhere to the roof covering, ensuring a neat fit.

Vertical and horizontal cross-section of FTP-V window with ESJ flashing

— top part of the flashing
2 — bottom part of the flashing
3 — side parts
4 — aluminium strips to fix the flashing

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Size: 48/46