Softline RW33 Acoustic Access Panel Setbead

March 6, 2018 12:33 am Published by
  • Setbead Square lock
  • RW331
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Kimberley Acoustic access panels have been designed for use where there is a noise transmission issue. The panels are constructed using a composite or metal clad acoustic door panel and steel frame, and feature a square key budget lock as standard. Kimberley panels have been independently tested and achieve modest ratings of RW33 in suitable openings.

Our Acoustic panels are compact, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing means of providing access into walls, ceilings, and service shafts. When installed, they sit flush with the surface, leaving a neat opening around the perimeter.

Standard sizes are readily available.


  • Composite acoustic door panel
  • Secured by budget square lock
  • RW33 acoustic sound rating
  • Available with Flange or Set-Bead


Available in the following sizes:


Cut Out Size: 292x292mm
Frame Size: 335 x 335mm
Form Factor: Set Bead


Cut Out Size: 392x392mm
Frame Size: 435 x 435mm
Form Factor: Set Bead


Cut Out Size: 496x496mm
Frame Size: 535 x 535mm
Form Factor: Set Bead


Cut Out Size: 592x592mm
Frame Size: 635 x 635mm
Form Factor: Set Bead


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