Solar Roof Vents by Kimberley

The Kimberley Solar Roof Ventilator is designed to take advantage of free and clean solar energy to protect your home from airborne moisture related damage to buildings materials.


Moisture and humid air gathers in the roof cavity and condense into water droplets when the roof cools. Activities such as showering, cooking and doing the laundry add to this, which can lead to mildew that damages plasterboard, weakens building materials leading to electrical problems.

The Kimberley Solar Ventilator effortlessly extracts the heat and moisture. Unlike rotary (whirlybird) ventilators which are prone to noise and vibration as the bearings inevitably fail, the brushless motor of the Solar Roof Ventilator reduces the vibration from the roof vent significantly.

The Kimberley Solar Roof Ventilator provides effective ventilation during hot, sunny and especially calm, windless days.


  • Reduces moisture, mould and heat levels
  • Fully solar-powered – no operating costs
  • Helps prevent damage to electrical systems
  • Doesn’t rely on wind velocity to operate
  • Reduces cooling energy costs
  • Auto-adjusts speed to available sunlight
  • Rust resistant galvanised steel chassis
  • Tempered glass solar panel component
  • Non-corrosive aluminium fan blade
  • Brushless DC motor