Attic Ladders by Kimberley

Whether you call it an attic, loft, crawl space or just plain roof space, sometimes you need a ladder to get up into your roof. Whatever your need, make accessing your roof space safe and easy with a Kimberley Attic Ladder.

Unlike an extension ladder or a regular step ladder, your Kimberley Attic Ladder is fixed securely to the ceiling joists
and is the correct length to ascent safely into your attic.


Kimberley offer a multitude of pull down ladders suitable for almost any ceiling height. The ladder that is right for your situation depends on a few key factors;

HEIGHT – What is your ceiling height?

WIDTH – What width do you need for your ladder?

DUTY – How much will the ladder be used?



Find a suitable space for your attic ladder and ensure that you will be able to easily access your attic. There are a number of key measurements you need to consider for your ladder position;


When the ladder is fully extended to the floor, the feet will rest approximately 400-500mm past the frame. You will also need to allow room for yourself to comfortably access the ladder, especially when holdings your belongings for storage.


As you extend the ladder sections to the floor the middle section will project beyond the frame by as much as 600mm (depending on the ladder model).