Accredited Installation for illume & bins

Having an illume™ or Kimberley Bin in your home has never been easier. Kimberley Products has a wide range of accredited installers who can install an illume™, bin or both in your home, nationwide***.

With affordable options for both the product and installation, why not purchase for this and piece of mind?

Why Installation

Our Installers have the Knowledge.

Our accredited installers are highly experienced with the operations and installation. They possess the knowledge and tools to provide a 1st class installation.


Piece of Mind.

Our installers provide piece of mind, knowing that an illume™ or bin is installed professionally. In addition, an accredited installer will leave your home how it should be and no cleaning is required after they leave.

Stamp of Approval & So Much More.

Our accredited installers have the stamp of approval from Kimberley Products, who have been trading for just over 67 years. In addition, our dealers are select by us, and, only the best are accredited.

About our Team

We are a specialist team who are passionate about bringing innovative, sustainable products to your home and work space to improve your quality of living and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Our products are sourced from a very reputable company who has been established in the Australian Manufacturing Market for over 66 years and are the developers and Market Leaders of the Skylight Alternative System.

Our collective Australian wide Installation team pride themselves in the quality of tradesman ship, professionalism and comply with covid safe practices for your piece of mind.

Why Not Purchase Today

About Kimberley Products

Building with Australia since 1955


Kimberley is an Australian family business that’s consistently delivered quality hardware solutions to Australian Industry since 1955. 

Our waste managementattic laddersolar roof ventilation and innovative skylight alternative systems are among many other contemporary building hardware and green energy products used in thousands of projects across the country. 

Kimberley’s manufacturing plant produces over 1,500 inventory lines and employs a skilled in-house engineering team who push the boundaries of contemporary building hardware design. 

We pride ourselves on our quality products, our extensive product knowledge and customer service to ensure that we meet the requirements of our customers. 


Copyright 2022 – Kimberley Products Pty Ltd – Disclaimer: illume™ Skylight Alternative products do not provide natural light. ** Price may vary depending on quantity of illume and/or bin installed, the home type (etc. single/double story) and if any if any additional preparation is required to install an illume(s) and/or bin(s).

*** Subjected to location, date, and availability. In addition, to home type (etc. single/double story), accessibility to ceiling and roof (illume only). Initial offer is limited to up to a 600×600 mm sized illume  and KRB06/08/14/16/310 bins only. Excludes door mount variant.